Vehicle owners can book a MOT test online with the DVSA or by contacting a nearby testing center. But how can you choose a reputable MOT Test location near you?

In Hemel Hempstead, Gadebridge Service Center is a renowned garage with a testing team that is DVSA-authorized to provide MOTs on all makes and models.

A MOT is a thorough examination for your car that includes every safety check. Whether your car needs a MOT or Pre-MOT testing along with comprehensive maintenance services, we offer high-quality services for all makes and models at affordable price.

An MOT certificate that remains valid for a year will be given to the owner if the vehicle passes the MOT test. If it doesn’t work, the owner will be given a list of problems that need to be fixed. The owner has the option of having the repairs made, having the vehicle tested again, or selling it for parts.

MOT retest services are also offered for the convenience of our valued clients at Gadebridge Service Center by our certified specialists. However, we make every effort to address all maintenance problems and repairs both before and after the MOT.

To guarantee the safety of the vehicle and to ensure that it passes it’s MOT on the first try, our well-equipped MOT & auto services additionally perform all types of maintenance work.

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We want our clients to believe in quality of our work by experiencing our comprehensive MOT & auto services in Hemel Hampstead. To schedule an appointment, contact us today on 01442213757 or email at Our customer care representative will book MOT immediately.

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